The 2022 Slick Rock Film Festival in Visalia, at the Fox Theater, took place on Friday, May 13.

Monache’s Briana Martinez and Gabrielle Sutherland won the Suicide Prevention PSA Award, and here’s a link to their video:

High School students from all over the Valley compete in the Slick Rock Festival.


After receiving the award, Martinez said, "It was an honor to be able to create and show a video that is able to spread awareness to those who need the reminder that not everything should be handled alone. We are sure everyone has had their own hard experiences, and hoped that our video could help at least one person." 

Sutherland spoke about what they were trying to convey in the video, and said,  "To create this video we tried to collect different moments that capture the things that make life enjoyable. We are extremely proud of what we created, and happy we were able to make a reminder for people that there is always help."

The 1st Place Award in the Documentary Category at the Picture the Valley Student Film Festival on Wednesday, April 27, in Fresno, was won by Monache’s Jackie Castro Vazquez and Julia Devora at Maya Cinemas. 

Here’s the link to their video:

Devora said: "It is an honor to have won best documentary with a video about something with such cultural significance as DianDe Los Muertos.

“I’m grateful to have been able to work with my partner Jackie. It’s always great to work with her. I feel very proud of myself since this is my first video to receive an award. Hearing the judges’ reviews for my video inspired me to share my work again. In the future I hope to make videos like this and even better." 

Vazquez said she had the honor of working with her “best buddy Julia,” and said they enjoyed making the video. “I was blessed to have her conduct and direct the interviews, and I was only in charge of the editing.

It feels great to know our work paid off and that we represented Mr. (Bobby) Styles well. I am very thankful for this opportunity."

 "I'm immensely proud of the work of our students in the Multimedia & Technology Academy at Monache High School,” said Styles. “I'm lucky to work with these incredible individuals. They constantly inspire me with their creativity and talent. It's nice when their videos receive awards because it gives them the recognition they deserve, and shows the rest of the world what I already know about these highly skilled students." 

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