Julia Inestroza is a fourth generation orange grower from a family who has been growing oranges for more than 100 years.

And now the Porterville orange grower is featured in a video presented by the California Department of Food and Agriculture about how navel oranges are grown.

Inestroza's family has been growing oranges since 1917. Inestroza, who also a member of the California Citrus Mutual board of directors, and her husband, Jorge, are continuing Inestroza's family tradition.

Jorge, Julia and their daughter Laura are featured in the 4 minute, 40 second video, with Julia narrating the video. Jorge also narrates a video featuring the family in Spanish.

Julia talks about how her family members have left but have come back to keep the family's orange growing operation going, including herself. She said she came back 10 years ago to operate the family orange production which she added consists of 150 acres.

“The warmth” and “slightly elevated ground” are among the factors 'which make this absolutely perfect” for citrus to be grown in the area, Julia says in the video.

She also said her family's operation produces oranges from December to June, allowing them to provide to the world “very excellent tasing California navels half of the year. “California navels, they're still king,” Julia says. “People absolutely love them.”

Julia said her family has taken steps to be better stewards of the land, “whis is very important to us.” She said quite of bit of acreage of her family operation has been converted to organic, which has caused certain flora bugs and wildlife to come back. She admitted that's been a challenge but also said “that's OK.”

She also said the family operation is working with the United States Department of Agriculture's National Resource Conservation Service.

Other actions taken by the family operation include converting diesel pumping to electric which is offset by solar power, Julia said. Other efforts include bringing back beneficial insects, Julia added. “We're working hard to make sure we're goind stewards of the land,” she said.

She also said the family operation is working to conserve water “to make sure we're not wasting any water.”

The video is featured at plantingseedsblog.cdfa.ca.gov

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