A bright and sunny day welcomed everyone at the Granite Hills baseball diamond as the Grizzlies and the Kern Valley Broncs faced off. The Grizzlies would come out ahead 7-2. Matthew Rutherford, Zuriel Garcia, Alexis Bedolla, and Levi Clark would go on to score for the Grizzlies with Garcia, Bedolla, and Rutherford scoring two runs a piece. 

The first inning would go smoothly for the Grizzlies with three runs scored. Rutherford would get an error on one pitch but the second would get hit down field allowing him to run to first. Garcia would drive home Rutherford and Bedolla would drive home Rutherford.Bedolla would be the last run for Granite Hills in the first inning as Jason Hernandez would land a solid drive into right field. 

As the game progressed the Grizzlies second inning would also prove to be a good one. Every single Grizzly would bat this inning with Clark earning the first run. Clark would land a solid hit low to center field. Daniel Palomares would bring home Clark.

Garcia took to bat next and on a 3-2 count he would land a solid single to left field. Rutherford wouldn't be far behind with a hit. Garcia and Rutherford stole third and second. Landing a solid slam into right field Ortiz would make it to second as Garcia and Rutherford made their way home on Ortiz's nice hit. Alan Ramos stepped up next and with a good hit would change places with Ortiz.

The third inning would prove tough as both teams would fail to earn any runs. The fourth inning though would prove different, as Garcia would steal second and eventually score to earn the Grizzlies their final margin of 7-2. 

This might be the best defense we've had in years.” Granite coach Al Garcia said. “Infield and outfield are doing great with good balance between them. We have four freshmen and they're all picking the game up quickly.

Our top line got all the runs this game. So our top four basically, our younger players are getting better all the time with the help from the seniors on the team. We start league soon, I guess like everyone else we hope to finish high. We'll make some adjustments, especially and stay competitive! 

Our pitchers have stayed fresh as well with Alexis (Bedolla) throwing under twenty (pitches) and Levi (Clark) doing good work filling out his pitches for the game. Farmersville is next for us; and with all the development I've seen from these guys in the past two months, I'm confident in them.” 

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