It was a gorgeous fall afternoon at River Ridge for the Foothills Fall Festival in Springville, off of Balch Park Road.

Throughout the afternoon about 400 people came by, listened to fabulous music performed by Abby Posner and The Grass Less Traveled and other musicians, and browsed looking at the incredible handmade artwork, crafts, plants, and more at the lovely outdoor festival. 

Children and adults alike enjoyed the scavenger hunt, leaf drawing activity, walking the trails, hearing the birds, and more.

It was an afternoon of camaraderie, fun, good food, enjoyment, and what more could you want.

"Wow — what a beautiful day. Good music and good people," said someone visiting from Visalia. "The fragrant aroma of trees, hearing the water bubbling along, the calling of birds, and the rustling of dry leaves under your feet — as well as the creative energy of all the artists here makes a memorable experience. Meeting them year after year, and making friends, friendships that grow, makes for a very personal experience here at River Ridge. The sense of creativity and community, there is a peacefulness in the air.” 

With the musicians, and the genuine concern for the welfare of the environment, Gary Adest is doing such a good job making this a teaching reserve and nurturing the environment," said Susan Bishop, who had lovely paintings for sale.

Bishop was speaking of Adest, who co-owns River Ridge Ranch, with his wife, Barbara Brydolf.

Macie Stewart, her family and children were enjoying themselves. "The kids, Harlyn,4, and Rex, 2, were having a blast. They got to color and walk through the scavenger hunt and did leaf portraits. My daughter really enjoyed that," Stewart said.

Mark Eaton said he'd been coming to River Ridge for several years with his band and playing music. And it's one of the more positive things he's seen. “The turnout of people who are interested in keeping the planet going,” he said. “Gary has done some good things out here to prevent needless development.”

Renee Land, grandmother (Machi) to Harlyn and Rex, said, "I'm so happy I came here. The people are so congenial and there are smiles everywhere. The music was amazing and the grandkids were dancing and having a great time. They were putting tickets in all the jars, so we are waiting to see who won. The artwork was amazing, and the kids learned about the veins on the leaves of trees."

Andrew De Lange said the music and crafts were great on a perfect fall day, as he sat on the handmade stone wall dedicated to Steve Winnie, and listened to Abby Posner and the Grass Less Traveled.

Connie Leshin was the Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon, and announced when the drawing tickets for artwork were being read out.

Leshin and Robert Williams spent the day at the festival and are good friends with Adest and Barbara Brydolf, and are great supporters of River Ridge.

Good friends of Jonathan Wagy came to the Foothills Festival from Carmichael, Fair Oaks, and Concord, Calif., and bartended which they've done for years. But this time, they skipped a Rolling Stones Concert to be there. That's dedication.

"I love Springville as a community and the way they are always bringing local artists together. The friendship and healing that these events inspire leave a lasting impression on the community. These outdoor events are very healing," said Lindi Ellis.

"This was the most people we've ever had, and Abby Posner was fantastic," said Brydolf.

Brydolf said she'd met a whole bunch of people who are new to Springville and super excited to be there. 

And Cathy Capone, who had California native plants, plant information, and milkweed for guests, said she talked to about 25 people who had never heard about the Tule River Parkway Demonstration Gardens and were interested.

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