The Porterville Art Association has sponsored the “Burton’s Got Talent” Visual Art Exhibit during May that's been featured at its gallery.

Burton Schools and Summit Collegiate High School artwork has been shown at the art gallery located at 151 North Main Street, Porterville. The show will run through Saturday, May 29.

There's an array of art forms such as a Story Art created by Emilia Covarrubias, Digital Art created by Samantha Hafen, Landscape Photography created by Stephen Mendez who were all available to speak on behalf of their creations with Che Hinojosa, Vice President/Public Relations of PAA.  

It was my district pleasure to speak with these young talented artists and their parents,” Hinojosa said. “Prior to Sunday, May 23 we had visitors stop by to marvel all the art inside the gallery.”

The art gallery currently has its Featured Artist, Alan Cardenas Araujo, Exclusive Artist Joy Collier, and Fantasy Artist Melody Gillespie. Currently, there's a new art show as well with artwork from popular artists such as Manuel Abad, Linda Dickey, Nat Briones, Jeanette Brewer, Linda Dickey, Olivia Flemante, Kay Hays, Joy Harvey, Bette Hauert, Linda Hengst, Debbie Hutchinson, JoNell Mauck, Cesar Martinez Jr, Gene Price, Veronica Slobodnik, Jeanie Warner, and Peggy Woods.

On Sunday, May 23 students, parents, and caregivers were introduced to the fine art of these artists. They learned about the different artwork of various artists and their mediums.

Gillespie and Hinojosa were on hand to answer any questions students, parents, and caregivers asked. Many were surprised at how long the association has been together and how things get done at the art gallery.

Some admired the landscapes and Sequoias of Collier. Others admired the Chinese Brush Painting.

It was a very exciting time for these young artists to enjoy seeing the array of art techniques of Cesar Martinez Jr and Peggy Woods since they both had a similar abstract art design,” Hinojosa said.

Many enjoyed the large-scale African cultural artwork created by Brewer. Others enjoyed the sketch work of Araujo.

Stephen Mendez is a very young and talented photographer and he had several artwork contributions,” Hinojosa said.

His mother Anabel enjoyed Stephen and Che’s conversation about his personal experience as a photographer.

He is very talented and he described the camera and lenses he uses to capture his landscapes of Yosemite, Sequoias, and Rocky Hill,” Hinojosa said.

Mendez also expressed his passion for oceanography. He's an eighth grader and his talent will continue to grow with the support of his mother Anabel and family, Hinojosa said.

They were able to enjoy seeing the photography of Price, a long time gallery member. “The Board of Directors of the Porterville Art Association made a great decision to pair with Burton School District to support these young artists,” Hinojosa said.

The students credited their art teachers from their schools for teaching them a trade (life skills) that's beneficial to molding them into future adult artists.

Hafen contributed several Digital Art pieces for this exhibit. She's a seventh grader and began doing artwork five years ago. However, her passion for digital art began one year ago and her favorite form is horizontal.

Students from the Burton School District created art pieces of different art forms primarily in drawings, pairings, designs, digital, and photography. This exhibit also includes Graphite Art with the use of black and a white pencil, which is common in drawings (monochromatic).

This free youth visual art exhibit runs through the rest of the week. The last day to come out and support the "Burton's Got Talent" art exhibit is Saturday, May 29. The gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

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