When I woke up in the hospital after my accident, the nurses were poking my fingers every four hours and checking my blood sugar levels. Then they gave me insulin shots in my stomach. That really puzzled me, because I was not a diabetic and had never taken insulin shots before.

When I was moved out of the Trauma Intensive Care Unit, the insulin routine stopped. I asked why they gave me insulin, and my nurse explained that it helped me heal from the trauma of the injuries. Further research informs me that insulin spikes make health improvements all the way down to the DNA level.

Insulin spikes causes the released of more thyroid hormones which helps our metabolism go up. This causes the cells to need more fuel and the fat cells to give up their stored fuel. This speedy fat loss effect lasts for the next four-five days. A healthy person only needs to spike insulin once a week.

Wow! Imagine our bodies healing while our fat cells dump their contents for days on end? How do we spike insulin? With carbs? Yeah! There are enough sugary carbs around to insulin spike all day. Let’s go gang!

Stop. You don’t have the whole picture. Look around. That’s actually what’s happening in America (Porterville) today. There is so much sugar and high fructose corn syrup going into our mouths that our friendly Insulin Spike has become an Insulin Monster.

Our cells get tired of being stressed out by insulin’s efforts to stuff one more “bag of sugar” into them. Our cells are saying to insulin, “Get out of here. Go stuff that bag in the fat cells over there. Leave me alone. I’m full already. Can’t you tell?”

The cells lock their doors so insulin can’t come in any more, and we call that “insulin resistance”. All diabetics know this well, but what is the cause?

There are so many causes of insulin resistance. If I could put my finger on one that would have the biggest impact, I choose sugar. Not only does sugar causes insulin spikes, it makes our tongue feel wonderful when we put it in our mouth. Feel how it takes away our cravings for a little while. It is a fuel that our cells use. It makes our brains function better, right now, and gives us the energy we need to keep going. How can that be bad? Those are good things, but it’s only a small part of the whole picture.

It’s like looking at the lawn mower and seeing how wonderful it is, how nice the lawn looks and how easy it is to get the whole job done quickly compared to cutting the lawn with a pair of scissors. However, the lawn mower isn’t the only engine around. There are cars, trucks, and airplanes, etc. They burn different fuels and carry different loads. Likewise, our body has different parts like brain, muscle, organs and nerves that burn a variety of fuels like fat, ketones and carbs, etc. The lawn mower is a “sugar-burner.” It sits in the garage most of the time. It can’t do heavy work, or go long distances. It mainly goes in circles until it runs out of gas.

Fat is our body’s primary source of fuel. It’s also the fuel that’s being removed or ruined in our food processing today. We’re lead to believe that if we don’t eat fat, we can’t gain weight. As the saying goes: “If no fat passes my lips, then no fat reaches my hips.” The truth is: the fat we carry around is not the fat we ate. It’s the fat our muscles didn’t burn. We ate sugar and carbs instead of fat and the “fat cells” are really storing sugar that got turned into fat in our liver.

What is happening because of all the sugar we’re feeding our kids? The Center for Disease Control says that the children born after the year 2000 will have a 30 percent rate of diabetes in their generation. What’s happening in our town to turn the health of our children around?

My goal is to help create a community of healthy fat-burners. With telomere technology, personal assessments and cutting-edge workshops, we’re moving.

Family HELM Health Center is celebrating Joyceline Villasana, RN who has prepared some amazing fat-burner foods. Drop in and taste “Meals That Heal” Saturday, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Check our website at familyhelm.com.

Until then … Take charge.

(Sylvia J. Harral is a digestive health specialist and Michele Stewart-Buller is a pilates master trainer. They each have more than 15 years experience. Send your questions by e-mail to familyhelm@hotmail.com; by mail to Family HELM Health Center, 379 N. Hockett St., Porterville, CA, 93257; or by phone at 202-9105.)

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