'Tid-Bits' of Health

Sylvia Harral, left and Michele Stewart

In our conversations with our Liver, we’ve learned where the liver is located, a little about its structure and about some of its functions like the way it stores nutrients. We’re still trying to get the liver to tell us what we can do for it besides not drink alcohol. We thought this would be a quick little answer, but the liver seems to be taking us on an educational journey through its structure and function.

You: I’m still interested in those storage units where you keep all the nutrients. You said alcohol gets thrown behind those black and white striped doors with the poisons. Is alcohol the only poison that’s stored behind them? What about people who don’t drink alcohol?

Liver: Think of these storage units as vaults where your Body-Money is stored. Nutrients are more valuable to the cells than money. When you eat food, it’s like a truckload of ore being brought in from the gold mine. The dump-truck is full of dirt and rocks. Hiding down in there among those rocks and dirt clods are little pieces of gold and silver; precious metals. The ore is dumped into a big rock crusher. The crusher smashes the ore down into fine powder that easily mixes in water. The gold and silver is no longer hiding because everything is turned to powder. Chemicals are added to the watery solution, and the precious metals are pulled out. The gold and silver is taken to the Mint where coins are made for you to earn and spend.

Your food goes through that same process. Think of each spoonful of food as a little dump-truck of ore that contains precious nutrients. Your heart, brain, muscles, and bone cells will use these nutrients to buy themselves energy to function. The nutrients will also be used to make new replacement pieces for the parts of the cells that have worn out. The more nutrients a body has, the younger and more energetic the cells can stay.

Your mouth is the rock crusher. Your teeth should crush every piece of food down into a watery liquid solution. The tongue should only allow liquid to be swallowed; no chunks. Food travels down the esophagus conveyor belt to the stomach where enzyme and digestive juices are added to pull nutrients out of fiber. The intestines are where pure nutrients are pulled from watery solutions. Pure nutrients consist of vitamins, minerals, amino acids (from broken down proteins), fatty acids (from healthy fats … and … by the way … I need a lot of those), antioxidants, and many Phytonutrients (precious things from plants), enzymes (“living tools” every cell uses to do its jobs), are all absorbed into the blood and brought to me. I am the Mint. I turn nutrients into gold and silver coins. I take nutrients and build new replacement parts for each cell. Your body contains about a hundred trillion cells. My job is huge and never-ending.

You: Wow! Liver, I never thought of food as money. I only thought of it as something that is supposed to taste good and fill my stomach. I use it to stop feeling hungry. I’m always in a hurry to get back to doing something important like my job. I need to earn a lot of money … you know? I always swallow chunks of food. I never thought about how much it costs to have a healthy beating heart working for me all day.

Liver: Good point! This whole Body-Money-Banking System that we run down here is just as intricate and involved as the economy system of pay checks, banks, loans, credit cards, and investments, etc. The Hypothalamus Gland that’s located right between your ears is the Body-Money-Banker. I report to him continuously. He knows exactly how much Body-Money is behind those doors. The point is this: The more you chew your food, the more money I get to report to the Banker and the more energy your cells receive to stay young and healthy.

You: How many times should I chew my food?

Liver: A fun thing to do is observe animals when they are lying down chewing their cud. The Camel chews about 39 times, the cow 64, and the goat around 72. Just get each bite to juice, then, send it my way. How about that? Until next week, help us all get rich down here … take charge … Chew your food to juice. — Sylvia

Sylvia J. Harral is a digestive health specialist and Michele Stewart is a pilates master trainer. They each have more than 15 years experience. Send your questions by e-mail to familyhelm@hotmail.com; by mail to Family HELM Health Center, 379 N. Hockett St., Porterville, CA, 93257; or by phone at 202-9105.

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