Last week our liver taught us about Body-Money; how he uses the nutrients in food like we use money. The money pays our heart, brain, and organs to work for us giving us energy and life. The liver wants to share another thought about nutrients.

Liver: Think about something for a minute. When you eat or drink your favorite “fast food” or “junk food”, what do I receive? No “living tools,” they’ve all been killed with extreme heat (above 130° F). The fatty acids are all hydrogenated and damaged. Most of the Body-Money vitamins and minerals have been washed away in the processing. It’s the vitamins and minerals that give flavor to food. The only way the “junk” even tastes good is because artificial flavors, colors, and vitamins have been added. What am I suppose to do with “artificial” nutrients? Send Monopoly-Money up to the Body-Money-Banker? He gets really mad when he walks into the money vault and sees one of his cashiers counting out fake Body-Money. He sends me a red hot memo and says, “What are you doing down there? Making artificial parts for our cells? Is that what this athletic body needs; artificial muscle? Our heart is not an artificial one, last I checked, so why should we be paying it artificial nutrients to work for us all day? Now, take all those artificial colors, flavors, and sugars and send them to the intestinal garbage truck. I don’t know how our intestinal workers are going to feel about having a few artificial bowel movements, but you can’t be sending that stuff up here! Include all the preservatives as well. There’s no need to start embalming our cells before we die. We’re about ‘life’ and ‘real’ things that lead to health in here. We’re not about things that lead to disease and death. You’ve got to take charge, Liver.”

I shudder when I get that memo. I already have my chemists working around the clock in the lab breaking down those big, nasty artificial chemical molecules. They require a lot of energy that is needed for healthy function. A lot of things in the body can start to go wrong when I don’t have the energy to keep up with the demand. You asked about what’s behind the black-and-white storage room doors. Those are rooms full of artificial nutrients. It seems that the eyes and tongue have difficulty detecting the difference between what’s fake and what’s real. If you can help us get more real Body-Money in here, I’ll see to it that more and more of the body’s cells stay happier longer.

You: OK, Liver! Now, I know more about what I can do to help you besides not drink alcohol. I can eat real food that’s rich in Body-Money and chew them to juice. What about the Plan of Care from Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical, Inc.? You talked about that before. I checked over at Family HELM Health Center, and it seems expensive.

Liver: You’re right, but it is so worth it!. Those Dietary Supplements are the richest Body-Money-Deposits you could possibly give me. As soon as they enter your mouth, your central nervous system wakes up, latches on to that Money, and starts paying the tissues to detox the garbage they’re been storing for years. As the garbage leaves, the repair crews come in and perform their healing functions. Within two months, you will be amazed at how much better you are feeling. Once the Body-Garbage is out of the tissues, we will focus on whatever healing priorities are left.

You: I’d like to pay another visit soon and get an even closer look at what’s really going on down here. Thanks for spending time with me. I’ll let you get back to work now.

Liver: I’m really glad you stopped by. I look forward to seeing you any time. Oh, yes! There is one more thing you can do for me.

You: What’s that?

Liver: When you wake up in the morning, give me a few “love pats”; just slap your right side a few times and check in with me. It makes me feel like I’m getting a nice percussive massage. All my workers start giggling and laughing. It really makes for a nice working environment all day.

You: You mean like this? (slap right side with right hand about 20 times)

Liver: Hoo-hoo! Thank you for taking charge, too! Until next week ... — Sylvia

Sylvia J. Harral is a digestive health specialist and Michele Stewart is a pilates master trainer. They each have more than 15 years experience. Send your questions by e-mail to; by mail to Family HELM Health Center, 379 N. Hockett St., Porterville, CA, 93257; or by phone at 202-9105.

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