I want to share a big lesson we learned this week from participants in the Body And Soul & Earth (BASE) Restoration Treatment Program. The participants are experiencing the actual steps their bodies need to go through as they take charge of their health.

For 10-days in a row, each participant is taking one dose of two powerful, all-herbal products from Porterville’s own Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical company. The products, ImunStem & Aktiffvate, work synergistically to wake up the immune and organ systems. What happens when these systems wake up?

The first two things most people experience are increased energy and better sleep. These results are a welcome relief for tired bodies that have difficulty sleeping through the night. However, a few people experience the opposite reaction in the beginning. Their bodies feel tired and they want to take an extra nap or sleep longer. This reaction bothers the workaholic, but when they realize what their body is doing, they willingly take that extra nap.

What is the body doing when we nap and sleep? It is healing and repairing those areas that have been waiting for the right tools and materials to arrive. During sleep, the body goes into its “spring house cleaning/remodeling” mode. This begins with taking out the old, stored up garbage, ripping out the old carpets, and scraping off the old paint. We create a huge mess sometimes before getting everything ready for the new carpets, new paint and drapes.

In the body, the cleansing/remodeling process is conducted in the same way. Stored up toxins and waste products are washed away through the exit pathways; any hole in the body. Sometimes this process is experienced through sweating or coughing. When our sinuses drain, our nose runs a little (or a lot).

Three participants in the BASE Program experienced something that puzzled us at first. It seemed like they were experiencing a bad thing; something to avoid instead of something to welcome. After taking the ImunStem & Aktiffvate, the three began to experience dizziness.

One person went to their doctor to find out what was wrong. The doctor looked in through the person’s mouth and saw what he called a “river running down the back of the throat”. Then the doctor looked in the ears and saw water in there as well. The water was draining from the head and traveling down the Eustachian tube into the throat. The “garbage” that had been stored in the head was being released through the natural exit pathway. Since the ears house the balance center for the body, the extra drainage activity was causing temporary dizziness.

The second person stopped taking the products temporarily, let the dizziness stop on its own, then continued the products.

The third person continued to aggressively support the cleansing/drainage process with a variety of products from Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical. They rested and ate soup made with fish-sauce, chicken and rice. Their healing response was the most dramatic of the three.

Everyone’s dizziness went away, and their health took a “mother-may-I-giant-step” in the right direction. After the drainage stopped, they took ImunStem & Aktiffvate without getting dizzy. They all learned what it was like to have their immune system’s janitor crew perform a big, cleansing/remodeling project in their head.

The body’s process of natural healing is foreign to many people. Our lack of knowledge and personal experience leads us to believe we are sick when our body is just cleaning out stored garbage and preparing for healing. When we stop the drainage symptoms, we actually put the brakes on healing. Deciding to take charge of our health means that we be prepared for what our body is needing to do. Cleansing and detoxing may be its highest priority.

Essential oils are very fun tools to have in our take-charge arsenal. On Thursday, our registered nurse, Joyceline, is throwing a party/class from 6-8 p.m. here at Family HELM Health Center. There’ll be goodies to taste, games, prizes, and fun for all. Come and experience the beauty of essential oils and their ability to grab us by our noses and drag us down the path toward health. Discover oils that support our need to control weight, treat scrapes and cuts, relieve joint pain, and sooth digestive discomfort. What gift would be perfect to enhance someone’s mood, or reduce muscle soreness? Learn how to bathe hair and skin in smooth, fragrant essence without toxic chemicals? Mark your calendar now and find the event at 379 N. Hockett, Porterville.

Until then … Take Charge … Sylvia.

Sylvia J. Harral is a digestive health specialist and Michele Stewart-Buller is a pilates master trainer. They each have more than 15 years experience. Send your questions by e-mail to familyhelm@hotmail.com; by mail to Family HELM Health Center, 379 N. Hockett St., Porterville, CA, 93257; or by phone at 202-9105.

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