The most important area to focus on, as we become more familiar with the body’s functions at the cellular level, is the system our cells use for earning and spending their Body-Money. Body-Money consists of not only organic minerals but all the other nutrients as well.

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I want to share a big lesson we learned this week from participants in the Body And Soul & Earth (BASE) Restoration Treatment Program. The participants are experiencing the actual steps their bodies need to go through as they take charge of their health.

ImunStem is the only one hundred percent herbal product that has ever been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a pharmacological agent.  It is approved by the FDA for the treatment of Serious or Life-threatening illnesses through immunotherapy. Aktiffvate is a nutritional s…

Last week, we followed the molecules of ImunStem as they traveled from the mouth to the Central Nervous System in the brain. There, they met the White Blood Cells and heard the story to their loosing struggle against the sugar-eating invaders that were taking over their neighborhood. Then the ImunStem Molecules delivered their timely message.

Who do you know that has taken up the hobby of taking old, beat up, fallin’ apart junk cars and turning them into beautiful show-pieces? I know a few; a brother even. And who do you know that sometimes feels like they’re beginning to live in an old, beat-up, falling apart body that needs to be tuned up, repaired a bit and turned back into a few years younger? I know a few, and one quite intimately.

I was talking with an 80-year-old gentleman this morning. He said his grandparents had a huge garden, cows, chickens, goats, pigs, sheep, you-name-it they had it and they ate it. They never went to a grocery store. His grandmother made biscuits every single morning. When someone brought in a loaf of bread one day, his grandfather picked it up and threw it out to the pigs and said, “We eat biscuits in this house!” When his mother grew up, she didn’t want to make biscuits every morning, so she bought bread.

When I woke up in the hospital after my accident, the nurses were poking my fingers every four hours and checking my blood sugar levels. Then they gave me insulin shots in my stomach. That really puzzled me, because I was not a diabetic and had never taken insulin shots before.

A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting an awesome person, Dr. Lorraine Day, who told her personal story. She had been teaching medical school in San Francisco as well as being the head of the orthopedic surgery department when she began to develop a lump in the middle of her chest on top of her breast bone.

We appear quite healthy. Our body seems to have escaped our nation’s “Big-Ugly Popularity Contest”. Then someone we know wakes up with a Stage-4-Something-or-Another diagnosis. They’re given a short time to get their affairs in order. YIKES! We’re wondering “How that happened so suddenly”, and “Could that be happening to me?”

How would you like to live in a body that has more natural energy than you know what to do with? The tid-bits you’re about to learn will help you take charge of your heath immediately. Someone around you may even join in your journey to ultimate health.

Organ and tissue transplants have become common nowadays. The usual organs transplanted are the kidneys, heart, lung, pancreas, intestines and urinary bladders. Tissues, such as, bone marrow, bone and tendons, cornea, skin, heart valves, stem cells, veins and arteries are also the candidates for transplant. Recently, another organ, the uterus, has joined the list raising ethical questions and challenging the surgical skills of the doctors.

Like a farmer who spends money to produce a crop and hopes the crop brings in more money than it cost to produce it, our organs of digestion spend their Body-Money nutrients (enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.) digesting food in hopes that the food will give back more nutrients than it costs to digest it.

Many patients ask their doctors to use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to diagnose their chronic low back pain. They want to use the most up-to-date technology to determine the cause of their pain and to make sure it is nothing serious. But is MRI helpful? Does it provide benefit or simply expose the patient to risks?

Lawrence Ginsberg, MD, and Bruce Hall, MD, will relocate their practice to Visalia Medical Clinic at 5400 W. Hillsdale Dr., starting Jan. 1, 2016. While the physicians have been a part of VMC for many years, they have been seeing patients at Lindsay Medical Group.

Sierra Care at the Lake will hold a grand opening at noon on Saturday.

The facility is a 24-hour congregate-living health facility featuring one-on-one personalized nursing and rehabilitative treatments for patients suffering from spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neuromuscular conditions, congenital conditions or other complex injuries.

When we look around our community, what do we see? A pretty nice place to live, actually. I know; we’re coming to the end, of a long, dry summer. Some of our lawns are dead. Our cars may be a little dirtier than usual, and we didn’t have many apples for our apple festival, but we’re surviving.

Even as growing populations of Americans now have health insurance coverage, a serious health care problem persists nationwide. We are reminded that access to primary and preventive care is a basic necessity and can have big impacts on individual and community health.

Stringent standards take effect on Jan. 1

A new law that requires vaccinations for practically all California public school students goes into effect on Jan. 1 and opponents have shown no fear publicly voicing their criticism.

Colic is much more than a parenting annoyance. It is a condition in which an otherwise healthy well-fed baby cries frequently for extended periods. Colic affects up to 25 percent of babies.

While we’re being concerned with the lack of rain and the abundance of heat in our environment right now, I would like to direct our attention to what’s happening under our skin during this time of year.

One case recorded in Porterville

West Nile Virus (WNV) has been confirmed as the cause of illness for two Tulare County residents, including one from Porterville, the Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency (TCHHSA) announced Wednesday.

Last week our liver taught us about Body-Money; how he uses the nutrients in food like we use money. The money pays our heart, brain, and organs to work for us giving us energy and life. The liver wants to share another thought about nutrients.

In our conversations with our Liver, we’ve learned where the liver is located, a little about its structure and about some of its functions like the way it stores nutrients. We’re still trying to get the liver to tell us what we can do for it besides not drink alcohol. We thought this would be a quick little answer, but the liver seems to be taking us on an educational journey through its structure and function.

Two weeks ago we had an important question. “What can I do to help my liver besides not drink alcohol?” This answer needs an understanding of how the liver functions so we can take charge and keep the liver thriving instead of letting it sink deeper into survival mode.

VISALIA – The number of pertussis (whooping cough) cases in Tulare County has already exceeded the number of cases that were reported for all of 2014. Tulare County Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Haught strongly recommends vaccines to protect infants.

West Nile Virus was detected in Visalia, Dinuba and Orosi by the Delta Vector Control District last week. Tulare County residents should protect themselves as outdoor activities ramp up during the holiday weekend, officials said.

Family HealthCare Network has introduced two new psychologists — Angela Egbikuadje, PhD and Gwen Angert, PsyD — to its behavioral health team in Porterville.

Food and prizes also available

Kaweah Delta Porterville Dialysis (KDPD) will host a community health event offering a variety of free screenings and more today in Porterville.

What is our immune system? How does it function? And what is our news media saying about it right now?

Our bodies are designed to survive and our immune system is our #1 Survival Mechanism.

A few weeks ago we explored the “Garden Within”, the beneficial bacteria that live in our intestines. Then we had an introduction to “Fat-Burning” and how our body either burns or stores fat. Today, I want to bring these two topics together and show what part the bacteria play in our weight management.

Fine lines and tiny spots of dark pigmentation started to appear on my face. A middle aged woman on TV vouched that alpha-hydroxy-acid cream was the panacea for facial blemishes.

I am often asked this question when people hear that I am a Pilates master trainer. The answer is layered and so is the work. It is both simplistic and complicated, but worthy to explore its benefits.