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Entertainment Budget for Friday, May 22, 2020

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^Will Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' be able to kick-start movie theaters in July?<

^MOVIE-TENET:LA—<Hollywood couldn't have scripted a better potential comeback story for the movie theater industry.

Warner Bros. is poised to release the latest feature from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, one of the biggest advocates for the big-screen experience, on July 17. If his science fiction thriller, "Tenet," premieres as planned, it will be the first big-budget film to debut in wide theatrical release since U.S. multiplexes were shuttered in mid-March.

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^Inside HBO Max's scramble to launch a massive bet on streaming<

^VID-HBOMAX:LA—<Pairing Tony Soprano with Elmo and Chandler Bing was always going to be tricky.

Would the murderous mob boss befriend a red Muppet? Forget about it. Nor would Tony Soprano have much patience for the wiseguy antics of Chandler Bing, the neighbor from "Friends."

Yet here they are, pillars of a new streaming service, HBO Max, that rolls out Wednesday.

2400 (with trims) by Meg James. MOVED


^If you're not paying attention to late-night TV right now, you should<

^TV-LATENIGHT:LA—<Back in the 10th grade, my biology class was assigned to crossbreed fruit flies. The point was to teach us about genetics, an experiment made possible by their accelerated life cycle. They run through generations like I run through synonyms for "pandemic." The main lesson, for me anyway, was that it is not hard to fake a lab book. Perhaps that is why I am a writer.

Something similar is happening in late-night television, which also comprises a kind of laboratory where things move fast. In two or three weeks a late-night show produces as many episodes as other television series, scripted or unscripted, make in a year, airing nearly in real time, offering nightly opportunities to fiddle and fix, and fiddle and fix some more.

1450 by Robert Lloyd. MOVED


^'Contagion' director Steven Soderbergh on Hollywood reopening: 'We're going to get back to work'<

^CORONAVIRUS-HOLLYWOOD-SODERBERGH:LA—<When the before times turned into the quaran-times, many people turned to the movie "Contagion" looking for something like answers. The 2011 movie, directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Scott Z. Burns, was part procedural drama, part horror thriller as it methodically told the tale of a global pandemic, one that started in Asia, spread undetected around the world and then struck with deadly, lightning-fast results. In 2020, it plays like some sort of quasi-documentary, disturbingly prescient to the current moment.

In April, Soderbergh was announced as head of a committee assembled by the Directors Guild of America to look into how Hollywood can eventually get back to work after the widespread shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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^Actress Lori Loughlin, husband enter guilty pleas in college admissions scandal<

^CMP-ADMISSIONS-FRAUD:LA—<Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband pleaded guilty Friday to charges of fraud in the college admissions scandal, admitting they scammed their daughters' way into USC with lies and illegal payments.

How long Loughlin and her husband J. Mossimo Giannulli will spend in prison for their crimes remains undecided. The judge in the case must still decide whether to accept the couple's guilty pleas and the terms of deals they struck with prosecutors. Under those deals, Loughlin would spend two months in prison and Giannulli would be sentenced to five months behind bars.

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^Karla Peterson: Memorial Day weekend entertainment that will take you somewhere special<

^PETERSON-COLUMN:SD—<When every day is no day in particular, and weekends don't have their same old ejector-seat allure, what does a three-day weekend mean? We're about to find out.

With the Memorial Day weekend around the corner but so much of public life still off the table, we will have to explore some new holiday frontiers. If you prefer to do your adventuring from the comfort of the office/day care/gym/restaurant you call home, here are some entertainment offerings that will jet you off to exotic places while you stay put.

Hitch up your sweatpants, my friends. We're going places.

900 by Karla Peterson. MOVED



^What might moviegoing look like when theaters reopen after coronavirus shutdowns?<

^MOVIE-CORONAVIRUS-THEATERS:SE—<What might moviegoing look like post-shutdown? And how many of us want to find out?

When I was a kid, going out to the movies was a treat — and, until cinema doors slammed shut a few months ago, I still thought it was. Yes, moviegoers with cellphones often were doing their best to ruin the experience for others, but I still loved everything about it: the enormous screen, the enveloping darkness, the buttery aroma of fresh popcorn, the laughter and gasps that reminded me we were all experiencing something together. And, as the movie critic for this paper since 2001, I went a lot: visiting movie theaters two or three times a week, sometimes more.

Currently, no one knows exactly when movie theaters might reopen.

1200 by Moira Macdonald. MOVED


^Review: 'Military Wives' follows familiar paths to harmony for Memorial Day weekend<

^MILITARYWIVES-MOVIE-REVIEW:LA—<Combine the inherent pathos of a group of army spouses waiting for their partners to return from war with the sure-fire inspirational uplift of preparing for an important musical performance and you get the dependable-to-a-fault British film "Military Wives."

Upon seeing their men (and one woman) deployed to Afghanistan, the women of Flitcroft Garrison have little choice but to bide their time with their nation's trademark stiff upper lip.

400 by Kevin Crust. MOVED


^As movie theaters begin to reopen, 'The Outpost' sets July 2 event release<

^MOVIE-OUTPOST:LA—<With pandemic-shuttered movie theaters cautiously inching toward a hoped-for reopening this summer, Fathom Events announced Friday that it will hold special event screenings of the military thriller "The Outpost" on 500 screens July 2, followed by a more limited theatrical run.

550 by Josh Rottenberg. MOVED



^Sex, Bono and depression: How Haim embraced chaos and made their most revealing album yet<

^MUS-HAIM:LA—<In a normal world, the sisters of Haim would be looking forward to doing what they love more than anything else.

The Los Angeles trio's new album, "Women in Music Pt. III," is set to come out June 26, after which Danielle, Este and Alana Haim were planning to hit the road as they have for years.

"Touring for me is weirdly like a significant other," said Este, 34, who plays bass in the group that evolved out of a family band the siblings performed in with their parents. It's getting back home that's tough — the sudden loss of purpose and identity that Este said feels every time like a breakup.

1850 by Mikael Wood. MOVED


^The 1975's Matty Healy has an adorable new puppy and a bonkers new album<

^MUS-1975-HEALY:LA—<Matty Healy ruffled his grown-out Mohawk and took a drag from a cigarette as he gazed through a window at the spring-green English countryside.

"I suppose I think of this as my second rehab stint," said the 1975's frontman, who spent several weeks in a Barbados facility in 2017 addressing his addiction to heroin. This time, of course, he was referring to quarantine amid the COVID-19 pandemic, for which he's holed up in a remote studio complex north of Oxford.

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^Oh Boy! John Prine tribute show to stream on Facebook, YouTube<

^MUS-PRINE-TRIBUTE:SJ—<Fans of great songwriting definitely won't want to miss "Picture Show: A Tribute Celebrating John Prine," which premieres at 4:30 p.m. June 11 on the late great artist's YouTube and Facebook pages as well as on other platforms.

200 by Jim Harrington. MOVED


^Lana Del Rey hits back at social media critics: 'This is the problem with society'<

^MUS-DELREY:LA—<Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey defended herself Thursday after drawing criticism for a lengthy Instagram post name-checking several female artists of color.

While many perceived the message — which named Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce — as a slight against her industry peers, Del Rey argued otherwise in the comment section.

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^MUS-BLUEGRASS:OW—<Not moving this week


^He styled Michelle Obama's hair for years. Now Johnny Wright is tackling hair disasters on a new VH1 show<

^TV-TOCATCH-BEAUTICIAN:TB—<Hairdresser Johnny Wright moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue television and red carpet work. After 13 years, which included a stint at the White House, his TV dream is coming true with the premiere of a new VH1 series.

Wright — who styled Michelle Obama's hair when she was first lady — helps fix damaged tresses on "To Catch a Beautician," which is scheduled to premiere at 9 p.m. EDT Monday.

500 by Tracy Swartz. MOVED


^15 sperm samples. A mom-to-be. 'Labor of Love' star says it's not as crazy as you think<

^TV-LABOROFLOVE:LA—<Imagine you're an accomplished, attractive 41-year-old single woman who is eager to start a family. In 2020, there are options available: You could look into adoption or a sperm donor, or you could keep swiping in hopes of finding the ideal partner and co-parent.

Or, if you're Kristy Katzmann, there's reality TV.

She is the star of "Labor of Love," a new dating show that premiered Thursday on Fox. It follows Katzmann as she dates 15 men with the goal of selecting one to be the father of her child. Think of it as "The Bachelorette" set to the rhythm of a ticking biological clock.

1250 by Meredith Blake. MOVED


^ABC announces 2020-21 slate, axes five shows<

^TV-ABC-SHOWS:SJ—<ABC on Friday announced a fresh roster of shows that includes a new crime thriller from David E. Kelley and an empty-nester comedy starring Kyra Sedgwick.

ABC also renewed 19 of its series, including three that were considered to be on the bubble — "The Rookie," "Stumptown" and "Mixed-ish."

300 by Chuck Barney. MOVED


^John Krasinski's 'Some Good News' will have a new home — and host<

^VID-SOMEGOODNEWS:LA—<Some Good News for fans of "Some Good News."

The popular digital series, created and originally hosted by John Krasinski, has been acquired by ViacomCBS. Future episodes will feature a new, yet-to-be-announced host and premiere on CBS All Access. It's also expected to air on the company's linear TV channels, including Comedy Central, which is producing the show through its Comedy Central Productions shingle. Krasinski will serve as an executive producer and will appear on the show in some form.

250 by Tracy Brown. MOVED


^David Zurawik: It's the chorus of survivors that matters most in Netflix docuseries on Jeffrey Epstein. Let their voices ring<

^VID-ZURAWIK-COLUMN:BZ—<I am not a great fan of true-crime docuseries. I believe their ability to draw large audiences for premium cable and streaming services has resulted in making it harder for nonfiction filmmakers to get funding for productions dealing with less sensational, more complicated stories about such matters as growing economic disparity, racism and tribalism in American life. Going deep and getting sociological are not the primary concerns of such series.

But the more socially conscious true-crime docuseries can be powerful voices of righteousness, morality and potential agents of change. I put "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich," a four-part docuseries debuting Wednesday on Netflix, squarely in that category.

1400 by David Zurawik. MOVED


^The Muppets are coming back with new show for Disney+<

^VID-MUPPETSNOW:NY—<The Muppets are coming back.

The popular puppet characters from the television show of the 1970s will get another shot at reaching a new audience this summer.

On Wednesday, The Muppets Studio announced its first original series for Disney+ will be called "Muppets Now."

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^TV-QUESTIONS:MCT—<Television Q&A: Alfred's origins will be further explored on 'Pennyworth'

650 by Rich Heldenfels. MOVED



^VID-NEWONDVD:MCT—<New on DVD: 'Invisible Man' puts new twist on old story

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^TV-REMOTE-ADV24:CC—< Around the remote: Chuck Barney's TV and streaming picks for May 24-30

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