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Entertainment Budget for Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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^Want solidarity in the time of coronavirus? Look no further than late-night TV<

^TV-CORONAVIRUS-LATENIGHT:LA—<Back in the old days — a couple of weeks ago — live late-night television, where comedy and current events meet and mingle, was a regular event. Things are different now. And yet, with the ingenuity the moment demands, they are not as different as all that.

That talk shows have a cathartic part to play in maintaining the mental health of the nation, or a piece of it anyway, is not news. Now, along with the usual threats, we're facing one both as local and as global as may be imagined, an enemy best fought literally by doing nothing. But as long as a laugh can be earned and shared, all is not lost. (Indeed, as a deliverer of crucial information, sprinkled with sugar, these shows can constitute a defensive weapon: Wash your hands.)

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^Michelle Obama has sage advice on how to cope with coronavirus anxiety<

^CORONAVIRUS-MICHELLEOBAMA:LA—<On Sunday, the former first lady joined the growing chorus of public figures weighing in on the pandemic via social media by sharing some healthy tips as to how to navigate this unsettling "new normal."

"These past few weeks have been scary and difficult for many of us. We just don't have a roadmap for what we're currently experiencing — that in and of itself can bring up feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and fear," the "Becoming" author wrote on Instagram. "Not to mention the worry we feel about the health and safety of our parents, children, and loved ones and the financial security of so many families."

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^Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller have a message for New Yorkers: Stay home!<

^CORONAVIRUS-DENIRO-STILLER:LA—<New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has gone straight to the people to spread his stay-at-home message — the famous people, that is.

"This is not life as usual. There is a density level in NYC that is destructive. It has to stop and it has to stop now. NYC must develop an immediate plan to reduce density. #StayAtHome," Cuomo tweeted Sunday morning.

Video messages from Robert De Niro, Danny DeVito, Ben Stiller and Lala Anthony followed, all tagged with New York state's new slogan: "Stay home. Stop the spread. Save lives."

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^On '3.15.20,' Childish Gambino is the anxious, freaked-out, no-chill rock star we need right now<

^MUS-CHILDISHGAMBINO:LA—<On his fourth studio album as Childish Gambino, the singer-rapper-songwriter-producer-comedian-actor — count on the guy for pretty much everything but tweeting — vividly conveys his anxieties regarding racism, aging, mass incarceration, climate change, parenthood and how people can't walk down the street without tripping anymore because they're always staring at their phones.

Indeed, the only thing he doesn't seem freaked out by on "3.15.20" is the global health crisis that erupted after the record was completed, though even that seemed to play into its rollout: Two Sunday mornings ago, on the date indicated in the album's title, Glover's new music appeared without warning as a looped stream on the website DonaldGloverPresents.com; hours later, after fans hailed the 12-song collection as a welcome distraction from the coronavirus, it disappeared just as quickly — one more mystery in an age of escalating uncertainty.

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^Jazz movies to watch — and to avoid — while stuck at home<

^MOVIE-CORONAVIRUS-JAZZ:TB—<With clubs and concert halls shut down, our musical needs must be satisfied at home.

And surely one of the best ways is by watching movies devoted to the subject.

With that in mind, here's one listener's guide to some of the best and worst movies on jazz.

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^I'm taking this pandemic opportunity to see some movies I've never seen before. Welcome to the Tribune Coronavirus Overdue Film Festival.<

^MOVIE-CORONAVIRUS-OVERDUEFILMFESTIVAL:TB—<Each day I'll be adding another title to my personal "It's about time!" ledger. Some may make you shake your head: How can he call himself a critic and not have seen "Blah Blah," starring Someone Famous, or directed by a first-rate director? Other titles will be popular crud beloved, if money equals love, by millions. And some will be "Capricorn One."

Welcome to the Tribune Coronavirus Overdue Film Festival. First up: Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, a ridiculous Oscar-night climax and a chemistry lesson cancelled due to a total lack of chemistry.

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^'We are in triage': 'One Day at a Time' shows how TV's facing the coronavirus outbreak<

^CORONAVIRUS-ONEDAY-TIME:LA—<If there's one thing "One Day at a Time" producers know all too well, it's the art of taking life's curveballs one day at a time. And with a little bit of hope.

It was around this time last year that the Latino-fronted reboot of the '80s classic was canceled by Netflix after three seasons. Sony Pictures Television, the studio that produces the critically acclaimed series, shopped the comedy to other networks, eventually landing the Cuban American family sitcom at Pop TV — which has gained notoriety thanks to cult favorite "Schitt's Creek" — where it was to make its triumphant return on Tuesday night.

"I would say this entire experience has made me realize I know nothing about the business," said co-showrunner Mike Royce, who came up in the era when a canceled show stayed canceled.

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^What to stream: Shows cooked to perfection<

^VID-CORONAVIRUS-WHATTOSTREAM:MCT—<Folks, our long national nightmare is over. That's right: "Top Chef" is back. New seasons of Bravo's cooking competition show are so few and far between, it's an event when a new one drops, and so last Thursday was cause for celebration as "Top Chef Season 20: All Stars" started its run. If you need to familiarize yourself with any of the returning chefs, Hulu has the whole catalog up, and what better time to dive in?

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^My worst moment: Richard E. Grant on human resilience and surviving the unbearable<

^TV-WORSTMOMENT-GRANT:TB—<Few actors have been as memorably and joyously giddy during Oscar season as Richard E. Grant when he was nominated last year for his role in "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" opposite Melissa McCarthy.

He didn't win, but as the U.K. paper the Telegraph put it, his "belle-at-the-ball rapture won the season long before this anticlimax. The next best thing to actually clutching an Oscar — maybe even better, in the long run — is being the guy everyone thinks should have won instead."

He currently stars on the AMC series "Dispatches from Elsewhere," created by and costarring Jason Segel. The series is fictional, Grant said, but the idea for it was based on "a documentary called 'The Institute,' which is about a cult that existed in San Francisco about a decade ago that was run by a guy named Octavio — which is the character that I play — who basically recruits people who are susceptible and vulnerable and feeling lost in their lives. Octavio and his jejune institute, as he calls it, they use virtual reality headsets enabling people to go into their past and re-enact it or relive it.

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^VID-NEWONDVD:MCT—<New on DVD: 'The Rise of Skywalker' joins rest of 'Star Wars' franchise for home-watching

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^VID-DVDRELEASE:MCT—<List of DVD release dates for March 24 and beyond

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