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^Quentin Tarantino says 'Bruce Lee was kind of an arrogant guy'<

Quentin Tarantino is not apologizing for "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's" portrayal of Bruce Lee after receiving backlash from Lee's family and friends.

During a press conference for the film in Moscow last week, Tarantino defended his controversial decision to paint the late action star, played by Mike Moh, as a narcissist. In an interview with The Times, Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee, criticized the movie for turning her father into an "arrogant, egotistical punching bag."

"Bruce Lee was kind of an arrogant guy," Tarantino said in a video posted by Radar Magazine. "The way he was talking, I didn't just make a lot of that up. I heard him say things like that, to that effect. If people are saying, 'Well, he never said he could beat up Muhammad Ali,' well yeah, he did. Not only did he say that, but his wife, Linda Lee, said that in her first biography I ever read She absolutely said it."

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^Placido Domingo sexual harassment allegations will be investigated by L.A. Opera<

^DOMINGO:LA—<Los Angeles Opera said Tuesday that it will "engage outside counsel" to investigate the sexual harassment accusations against general director Pl cido Domingo.

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^CBS and Viacom to merge, reuniting the storied network with Comedy Central, MTV and Paramount Pictures<

^CBS-VIACOM:LA—<After years of on-again, off-again merger talks, broadcast giant CBS Corp. and its corporate sibling Viacom Inc. on Tuesday finally agreed to reunite in a $12-billion deal that will bring together such well-known brands as CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon and Showtime.

CBS, which is the larger of the two companies and worth $18.5 billion, will absorb the smaller Viacom, which owns such assets as MTV, Nickelodeon, BET, Comedy Central and the Paramount Pictures movie studio in Hollywood. Nonetheless, the new company is expected to take the Viacom name in a nod to the legacy of Sumner Redstone, the ailing 96-year-old media titan who built an empire from a small chain of drive-in movie theaters in the Northeast.

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^In El Paso's wake, a corrido honors the dead and points fingers at the villains<

^MUS-ELPASO-CORRIDO:LA—<Two young musicians stood outside the El Paso Walmart, guitars in hand. Days earlier, 22 victims had been gunned down at that store in what officials described as a racially motivated terror attack against Latinos.

But as their community tried to recover and mourn the dead, the two musicians turned to a small crowd around them, and Josue Rodriguez began to sing a mournful corrido.

The first verses recounted the ghastly, heartbreaking events from days before. "At Walmart by Cielo Vista / People walked peacefully / But they never imagined / Their lives would be changed."

But by the end, the song was a statement of resilience and resistance.

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^Mary McNamara: HBO's Casey Bloys isn't worried about AT&T, Netflix or the end of 'Game of Thrones'<

^MCNAMARA-COLUMN:LA—<Casey Bloys isn't worried.

Other people may be wringing their hands over the future of HBO: How will it fill the hole left by "Game of Thrones"? Can its "only on HBO" brand survive under the "more is more" mandate of AT&T? With so much talent, including "Game of Thrones" creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, making deals with Netflix and Amazon, does that brand even matter anymore? Is HBO's 20-year reign over the art form formally known as television coming to an end? And if so, what hope is there for any other legacy platform?

1700 by Mary McNamara. MOVED



^Drake breaks his own No. 1 record with 'Care Package' compilation<

^MUS-DRAKE:NY—<What goes around comes back around again literally, for Drake.

The platinum-selling hip-hop icon debuted in the Billboard 200 top spot yet again with his latest offering, "Care Package."

The compilation project containing many unofficially released tracks only heard via SoundCloud or big box retailer's bonus CD packages marks the ninth chart-topper for Drake since 2010.

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^Movie review: 'Good Boys' hilariously captures sweet, sour middle school moments<

^GOODBOYS-MOVIE-REVIEW:MCT—<Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg's raucous tweenage comedy "Good Boys" dives into the sordid, silly world of sex, drugs and middle school. It's a film about a specific time, that oh-so-short moment when the world of adults permeates a kid's consciousness, ill-equipped to process or understand any of it, try as they might. Stupnitsky and Eisenberg have deftly mined this space for laughs, and the seasoned comedy vets ("The Office," "Year One," "Bad Teacher") deliver a joke-dense and highly original coming-of-age tale that's sweet and sour in all the best ways.

600 by Katie Walsh. MOVED


^Is 'The Art of Racing in the Rain' Milo Ventimiglia's George Clooney moment?<

^MOVIE-ART-RACING-RAIN-VENTIMIGLIA:LA—<"People look at me from the outside and go: 'You've got a dream. You've got it easy,'" he says, "No. This is hard."

It's a narrative that helps to explain why, at 42, Ventimiglia is just now starring in his first studio film. He's been a steady presence in Hollywood for more than two decades, best known as a television actor: Before "This Is Us," he had memorable roles on the long-running series "Heroes" and "Gilmore Girls." But "The Art of Racing in the Rain," now playing in wide release, marks new territory for Ventimiglia. The movie — based on Garth Stein's 2008 novel, which spent three years on the New York Times bestseller list — is told from the perspective of a dog watching his owner, a race car driver, try to balance a Formula One career and a family life. (Ventimiglia plays the driver; Kevin Costner voices the soulful golden retriever.)

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^'Where'd You Go, Bernadette' review: a brilliant, troubled architect becomes a bit of a bore in Richard Linklater's latest, starring Cate Blanchett<

^BERNADETTE-MOVIE-REVIEW:TB—<More so than most filmmakers who treat their characters like human beings, rather than cardboard plot inhabitants, the writer-director Richard Linklater intuits his way into finding the right tone, or mixture of tones, for whatever story he's telling.

Sometimes he wins. Sometimes he doesn't. And sometimes he lands in a vexing middle ground, as with his latest film, an adaptation co-written with Holly Gent and Vince Palmo of the 2012 Maria Semple novel "Where'd You Go, Bernadette."

600 by Michael Phillips. (Moved Monday.)


^Review: Exuberantly silly 'The Angry Birds Movie 2' flies higher than the first<

^ANGRYBIRDS2-MOVIE-REVIEW:LA—<In the "Angry Birds" video games, you use a slingshot to lob flightless buzzards at wobbly fortresses stacked with snickering green pigs. Some quick mental physics is involved, depending on how carefully you care to estimate the trajectory of each bird and the height of each structure. But the satisfactions of these puzzles are as basic and primal as an explosion in a Michael Bay movie. They have a wondrous conceptual simplicity.

The "Angry Birds" movies, for all their virtues, do not.

750 by Justin Chang. MOVED



^The $400 million-plus reason your favorite TV shows are exiting Netflix, Hulu<

^STREAMING-WARS:LA—<The finale of the hit sitcom "Seinfeld" aired on May 14, 1998 and has been ubiquitous in reruns on cable and local TV stations ever since.

But more than 20 years later, its 180 episodes will soon become one of the hottest properties in television again. The streaming rights for "Seinfeld," which has been available for streaming on Hulu since 2015, will be back on the market soon just as media conglomerates Comcast, WarnerMedia and Walt Disney Co. look to shore up content for their new direct-to-consumer streaming services aimed at taking on Netflix.

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^For Tiffany Haddish and six unsung comedians, Netflix's new special is worth crying over<

^VID-HADDISH-THEYREADY:LA—<Inside the Netflix headquarters on Sunset Boulevard, one of the most in-demand comedians in Hollywood is fighting back tears.

Tiffany Haddish is set to premiere her own special on the streamer later this year. But it's her other project, which turns the spotlight on six of her favorite comedians, that gets her so choked up she strains to say the words.

"Every single person here has their own story to tell," Haddish says.

Seated at a conference table, she's surrounded by six women she's worked with in comedy clubs or on TV: Chaunte Wayans (MTV's "Wild 'N Out"), April Macie (NBC's "Last Comic Standing"), Tracey Ashley (TBS's "The Last O.G."), Aida Rodriguez (Comedy Central's "This Week at the Comedy Cellar"), Flame Monroe ("Def Comedy Jam") and Marlo Williams (BET's "Comicview").

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^In Julio Torres' defiantly unique comedy, everyone — and everything — has a story<

^TV-FAVORITESHAPES-JULIOTORRES-REVIEW:LA—<The secret lives of inanimate objects are revealed in "My Favorite Shapes by Julio Torres," HBO's bizarre comedy special starring bric-a-brac, broken toys, a lone cactus and the peculiar talents of "Saturday Night Live" writer and "Los Espookys" star Torres.

The 32-year-old immigrant from El Salvador, best described as a goth pixie with a philosophical streak, spends most of the hourlong show seated at a desk, introducing an array of random objects that arrive via conveyer belt, which he controls with a foot pedal.

850 by Lorraine Ali. MOVED


^Ginnifer Goodwin makes killer move to CBS All Access series<

^TV-WHYWOMENKILL-GOODWIN:MCT—<Marc Cherry, the man who made "Desperate Housewives" an addictive bit of television, got nostalgic when he was putting together his three main female antagonists in the new CBS All Access series "Why Women Kill." The series debuts Thursday.

In the case of Ginnifer Goodwin's character, a loyal 1963 housewife who must deal with her husband's wandering eye, Cherry was inspired by TV programs such as "The Donna Reed Show" and "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet." The inspiration turned into a character that can cook and clean while wearing a dress and pearls but can be a devastating force when necessary.

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^Viceland's 'Danny's House' defies talk show norms<

^TV-DANNYSHOUSE:MCT—<The new Viceland talk show "Danny's House" is what you would get if you mixed "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" with "Wayne's World" and tossed in a lot of medicinal stimuli for a dash of spontaneity. Detroit hip-hop artist Danny Brown has taken up residency in this odd world as the host for eight episodes slated to debut Wednesday.

The format is simple: Brown will mostly be chatting with his friends, along with a few people he admires: A$AP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q, Ron Funches, Ilana Glazer, Nikki Glaser, Hannibal Buress, Gilbert Gottfried, John Salley, Joanne Calderwood, Jim Duggan and more. Informal discussions will cover everything from a profound examination of UFOs to a revealing look at high school. The one thing the guests are not allowed to do is promote a new TV show, movie or record release.

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^VID-NEWONDVD:MCT—<New on DVD: 'Hustle' comes up short; 'Arrow' hits target

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^VID-DVDRELEASE:MCT—<List of DVD release dates for Aug. 13 and beyond

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