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^Janelle Mon e on her starring roles in 'Antebellum': 'How do you tell the truth without showing the truth?'<

^MOVIE-ANTEBELLUM-MONAE:PH—<In "Antebellum," a thriller by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz about the horrors of racism in America, Janelle Mon e portrays two women living in different eras in what appear to be vastly different circumstances.

As the movie begins, the celebrated music star is Eden, an enslaved woman abused by a sadistic plantation owner in the pre-Civil War antebellum South.

Then, in "Antebellum"'s second act, Mon e is Veronica Henley, a successful modern-day Black feminist author and TED-talking cultural influencer with a loving husband and beautiful daughter.

The movie was originally scheduled to open in theaters in April, but was pushed back due to the coronavirus and will now get a timely release in the midst of the racial reckoning it aims to address. It's being released for on-demand viewing at home Friday.

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^Commentary: HBO's 'We Are Who We Are' is the perfect TV show to mark the end of a lost summer<

^TV-WE-ARE-WHO-WE-ARE-COMMENTARY:LA—<Luca Guadagnino knows pleasure when he sees it. Smells it. Tastes or touches it.

With his "Desire Trilogy" of films — "I Am Love" (2009), "A Bigger Splash" (2015), "Call Me by Your Name" (2017) — and now the HBO series "We Are Who We Are," the Oscar-nominated Italian director has established himself as our foremost chronicler of life's voluptuous delights: cock's crow and birdsong, cold drinks on hot squares, just-ripe stone fruit and salt-baked cod. At times, his work even appears to be woven from sense-memories, of your hand wandering along the nape of a handsome man's neck or clasping a pouch of MDMA in a squalid bar bathroom. Guadagnino is "he that aches with amorous love," as the teenage Cait (Jordan Kristine Seam n) recites Walt Whitman in "We Are Who We Are."

Emphasis on the ache.

1300 by Matt Brennan. MOVED


^Chick Corea, a tireless music legend, 'Plays' on with new live album and online music academy<

^MUS-COREA:SD—<The coronavirus pandemic brought the careers of countless musicians to a standstill, including keyboard legend Chick Corea, whose European concert tour ended abruptly with the mid-March global shutdown.

But that standstill was brief for Corea, who in January earned his 23rd Grammy Award and has collaborated over the years with everyone from Miles Davis, Alicia Keys and flamenco guitar master Paco de Lucia to Foo Fighters and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The Massachusetts-born native sprang back into action soon after returning from Europe to the Florida home he shares with his wife and periodic musical partner, singer Gayle Moran.

"We're all anxious to go back on the road. But I'm unable to predict the way the restrictions will go, or when they will be lifted, so I'm creating as much as I can," said Corea, whose splendid new live double-album, "Plays," was released Friday by Concord Jazz. Recorded on tour in 2018, it features his singular solo piano renditions of music by everyone from Mozart, Chopin and Gershwin to Thelonious Monk, Stevie Wonder and Corea himself.

1700 by George Varga. MOVED


^Chick Corea bonus Q&A: What he learned playing with Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughan, Stan Getz and others<

^MUS-COREA-QA:SD—<What did Chick Corea learn from the time he spent playing in the bands of Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughan, Stan Getz and other jazz giants?


"I've had the best teachers, haven't I?" said Corea, who in January won the 23rd Grammy Award of his illustrious career. He credits his musical apprenticeships as a young artist for laying the foundation for his multifarious career as a solo artist and band leader.

1100 by George Varga. MOVED



^'Macho Man?' Trump uses gay anthem at rallies, even after Village People say stop<

^MUS-TRUMP-VILLAGE-PEOPLE:SJ—<On Saturday evening, a crowd of Donald Trump enthusiasts wearing MAGA hats and T-shirts but no masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus, rushed to get a spot up close to the president at his rally in Minden, Nevada.

To raise these supporters' spirits, the campaign had "Macho Man" pulsating across an airport tarmac where the rally took place. Trump's choice to hold a non-social-distancing rally for a crowd of 5,000, after Nevada officials banned gatherings of more than 50, was one reason the reelection event raised questions.

But so, too, did the campaign's use of "Macho Man," mostly because it's known as a gay anthem by the Village People.

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^The 13 best moments from Sunday's classic Gladys Knight vs. Patti LaBelle Verzuz battle<

^MUS-VERZUZ-KNIGHT-LABELLE:LA—<Every time I checked Twitter's list of trending topics in Los Angeles on Sunday night — an evening, let's remember, when the Rams were opening Inglewood's ballyhooed SoFi Stadium — Verzuz was ahead of the NFL.

Verzuz, if you're not aware, is the hit online series that pits musicians against each other in track-for-track battles on Instagram Live. The all-powerful NFL you know.

Yet it made sense that, on social media at least, the former came out on top: With Gladys Knight squaring off against Patti LaBelle — two icons of soul music with the songs and stories to show for their combined 150-ish years — Verzuz simply offered the better competition on Sunday.

As they say on the internet, I'm telling my kids this was America's game.

1100 by Mikael Wood. MOVED



^Review: 'Nomadland,' an odyssey of America the beautiful and forsaken, starring Frances McDormand<

^NOMADLAND-MOVIE-REVIEW:TB—<Here's a beaut. Writer-director Chloe Zhao'sfall festival hit, "Nomadland" offers a remarkable experience anytime but especially now, when it can be so weirdly difficult to recall life in America a few years ago. The economic straits depicted here, however, are like bulletins to the future. America today, in other words.

Zhao's third feature-length film already has become the queen of the traditional fall film festival circuit. That relay, from Telluride (Colorado) to Venice to Toronto to New York, has largely migrated online due to the pandemic. The exception is Venice, where "Nomadland" took top honors last week.

600 by Michael Phillips. MOVED


^'Devil All the Time' review: Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson wrestle with their sins in a bloody Southern Gothic<

^DEVIL-ALL-TIME-MOVIE-REVIEW:TB—<If you can get over the grisly familiarity of the material, and a convenient lack of moral complication surrounding the avenging angel played by Tom "Spider-Man" Holland, the Netflix feature "The Devil All the Time" is extremely well wrought. Not overwrought. Not underwrought. Just wrought.

550 by Michael Phillips. MOVED



^What to stream: 'Challenger: The Final Flight' and other NASA movies<

^VID-CORONAVIRUS-WHATTOSTREAM:MCT—<Landing Wednesday on Netflix, the four-part docuseries "Challenger: The Final Flight" details the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster. Created by Steven Leckart and Glen Zipper and produced by J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot imprint, the series is an incredibly illuminating depiction of the lead-up to the disaster and its aftermath. While it could be especially educational for younger generations who don't have a full understanding of the impact of this tragedy, this riveting and revealing series has a wide appeal for all audiences.

600 by Katie Walsh. MOVED


^How does 'Dancing With the Stars' stay 'relevant'? By casting celebs from reality TV<

^TV-DANCING-STARS:LA—<"Dancing With the Stars" has built a reputation as a ballroom competition for actors, athletes and musicians, plus the sporadic politician and media personality.

"I always say it's the most bizarre dinner party you'll ever put together," said co-executive producer Deena Katz. "You start with a group of people that you don't necessarily expect to be in the same room, and then somehow, once you meet them all, it makes sense."

And over the last 15 years, the occasional reality star or two has joined the fun: "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" siblings Kim and Rob Kardashian, "The Osbournes" kin Kelly and Jack Osbourne, "Little Women: L.A." star Terra Jol and "Duck Dynasty" daughter Sadie Robertson. Four "Real Housewives" — Lisa Vanderpump, NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Erika Jayne — have participated in the series (Lisa Rinna competed before "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" began). Even "Jackass" mastermind Steve-O and "Honey Boo Boo" herself, Alana Thompson, have gone for the mirror ball trophy.

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^VID-NEWONDVD:MCT—<New on DVD: 'Babyteeth' builds depth of joy amid family tragedy

650 by Katie Foran-McHale. MOVED


^VID-DVDRELEASE:MCT—<List of DVD release dates for Sept. 15 and beyond

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