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^In 2019, country music has a raging identity crisis. For Ken Burns, that's a 100-year-old story<

^TV-BURNS-COUNTRY:LA—<On the surface, rapper Lil Nas X's record-setting smash "Old Town Road" seems to have little connection with the forthcoming multipart film documentary "Ken Burns' Country Music."

One is a offhandedly radical merging of two styles of music — hip-hop and country — that historically have occupied distant ends of the musical spectrum; the other is a measured, exhaustively researched examination of nearly a century of American music and cultural history.

The common element, however, is that both hone in on and illuminate — without definitively answering — the same question: What is "country music"?

"Old Town Road" has engendered countless debates and probably more than a few bar fights at a jukebox over its country music credentials. What defines country music and distinguishes it from other forms of popular music also is at the heart of Burns' eight-part, 161/2-hour series, which premieres Sept. 15 on PBS.

3600 by Randy Lewis. MOVED


^From Loretta Lynn to Chris Young, 10 hit songs in which country music brags about its identity crisis<



^Influential photographer Robert Frank dead at 94<

^FRANK-OBIT:LA—<Robert Frank, the fiercely independent photographer and filmmaker whose bleak yet poetic book "The Americans" jolted the nation's self-image and sparked a photographic revolution, has died. He was 94.

In his life and art, the Swiss-born Frank followed his twin muses — intuition and imagination — wherever they led. During a career that spanned nearly seven decades, he shifted from still to moving pictures and back again, sometimes blurring the lines between the two as he experimented with content and form.

1400 (with trims) by Karen Wada. (Moved as a national story.) MOVED

^Jennifer Lopez is a star reborn in 'Hustlers,' a smart, bracing tale of strippers turned grifters<

MOVIE-HUSTLERS-LOPEZ:LA — The movies have rarely done right by Jennifer Lopez, but the brashly entertaining "Hustlers" isn't just the exception that proves the rule; it reconfigures her cinematic image with such brazen intelligence and purpose that it seems determined to make up for lost time. As Ramona, a one-woman supernova who reigns over a New York strip club, Lopez gives her most electrifying screen performance since "Out of Sight," slipping the movie into her nonexistent pocket from the moment she strides out onto a neon-lighted stage in a rhinestone bodysuit.

1250 by Justin Chang in Toronto. MOVED


^Jennifer Lopez on 'Hustlers' Oscar buzz and that showstopping pole dance<

MOVIE-HUSTLERS-LOPEZ-REACTION:LA — Critics are raving over Jennifer Lopez's turn as the savvy ex-stripper at the center of a scam ring in "Hustlers," a performance that launched her into the awards race overnight following Saturday's Toronto International Film Festival premiere. Her reaction?

"To wake up to that today was like, 'OK!'" she said Sunday afternoon at the L.A. Times studio. "Obviously, I'm flattered. You work so hard your whole career . I've done so many movies and I've done so many roles that I've learned to not do them for anything except that I love doing them."

300 by Jen Yamato in Toronto. MOVED


^Why Tom Hanks' portrayal of Mister Rogers is more than just one nice guy playing another<

^MOVIE-MRROGERS-HANKS:LA—< When Matthew Rhys told people he was filming a movie about Mister Rogers, they invariably responded with a pleasant sigh. Then when he revealed that Tom Hanks was playing the television legend, they'd make the same satisfying sound — "aaaaaaw."

That sweet murmur was heard throughout Toronto on Saturday night as "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" had its world premiere at two of the film festival's biggest venues. A lovely and persuasive testament to the power of kindness, "Beautiful Day" possesses the same calming balm that Rogers exuded on his PBS children's show.

700 by Glenn Whipp in Toronto. MOVED


^How Tom Hanks finally nailed Mister Rogers' iconic opening in 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood'<

MOVIE-MRROGERS-OPENING:LA — "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" begins with Tom Hanks effortlessly executing the opening routine of Fred Rogers' PBS program: He enters the room, walks down some stairs, opens a closet door, hangs up his jacket, pulls out his sweater, closes the door, puts on his sweater, zips up his sweater (with an audible zip!), sits in a chair, takes off a loafer, puts on a boat shoe, takes off a second loafer and puts on a second boat shoe — all while singing and smiling, of course.

Nailing that iconic sequence was one of the hardest parts of making the film, said Hanks.

850 by Ashley Lee in Toronto. MOVED


^Child actress Mya-Lecia Naylor who appeared in 'Cloud Atlas' unintentionally hanged herself, coroner rules<

^NAYLOR-DEATH:NY—<A young British actress who appeared alongside Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in "Cloud Atlas" accidentally ended her own life last April, an inquest by a coroner in London has ruled.

Mya-Lecia Naylor died at age 16 due to "misadventure," the ruling reported by BBC News and The Guardian said.

Naylor died by a self-inflicted hanging but did not intend to end her life by suicide, South London assistant coroner Toby Watkin reportedly concluded.

The category of "death by misadventure" is used in the U.K. to classify a death attributed to an accident caused by a risk taken voluntarily.

400 by Nancy Dillon. MOVED


^Eddie Murphy says returning to 'Saturday Night Live' feels like high school<

TV-MURPHY:LA — Eddie Murphy is ready to return to Studio 8H, and it feels like a nice walk down memory lane.

Thirty-five years after saying goodbye to "Saturday Night Live," the sketch show that helped launch his career, the comedian is set to guest host in the coming 45th season. Woody Harrelson, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Kristen Stewart are also on the bill to serve as emcees later this year.

200 by Christina Schoellkopf And Jen Yamato in Toronto. MOVED


^Scott Ryan's unbelievable trek continues with 'Mr. Inbetween'<

TV-MRINBETWEEN-RYAN:MCT — The fact that Scott Ryan went from making the low-budget mockumentary "The Magician" in 2004, based on the book "Contact Killer," to starring in and producing his own TV series, "Mr. Inbetween" on FX, is a remarkable Hollywood story. It gets magnified because his journey continues as the second season of the drama debuts at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on Sept. 12.

800 by Rick Bentley in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Andrea Anders excited about history-making 'Mr. Mom'<

^TV-MRMOM:MCT—<Andrea Anders ("The Class") and Hayes MacArthur ("Angie Tribeca") are making television history with their work on "Mr. Mom."

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VID-NEWONDVD:MCT — New on DVD: 'Supergirl' has punch, 'Dark Phoenix' fizzles on DVD

800 by Rick Bentley. MOVED


^VID-DVDRELEASE:MCT—<List of DVD release dates for Sept. 10 and beyond

150. MOVED


^Chance the Rapper postpones tour to spend time with family<

MUS-CHANCE:TB After ushering in his debut album and welcoming a new baby, daughter Marli, Chance the Rapper has postponed his upcoming arena tour to spend more time with his family.

350 by Jessi Roti in Chicago. MOVED




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