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Book Budget for Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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^Before the Kardashians, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford made road trips the engines of their celebrity<

^BOOK-GUINN-VAGABONDS:DA—<Fort Worth, Texas, author Jeff Guinn has written acclaimed biographies about some really bad dudes: Charles Manson, Jim Jones and Clyde Barrow. And oh yeah, the guys at the O.K. Corral.

To be fair, Guinn is also the author of "The Autobiography of Santa Claus," which launched his career in book writing in 1994.

His 22nd book, "The Vagabonds: The Story of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison's Ten-Year Road Trip," takes a deep dive into the lives of a pair of men who made invaluable contributions to American life. Without Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, night baseball games would not exist, and without Ford, chances are you wouldn't have a car to get you there. He introduced the Model T, which spearheaded America's car revolution.

1600 by Michael Granberry in Arlington, Texas. MOVED


^WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil claims a new title: author of 'There's No Such Thing as a Bad Kid'<

^BOOK-ONEIL-NOSUCHTHING-BADKID:PT—<University of Florida football player. WWE Superstar. Dedicated philanthropist and mentor. Now Titus O'Neil can add another title to his resume: author. "There's No Such Thing as a Bad Kid: How I Went From Stereotype to Prototype" is an often moving memoir by the man born Thaddeus Bullard. His life began in a rough place, as the result of someone raping his mother when she was 11 years old. He grew up in grinding poverty but found his way to fame and fortune through determination, athletic talent and, he says, the right words at the right time from adults he respected. We talked to the Tampa, Fla., resident by phone.

450 by Colette Bancroft. MOVED



^Kristin Harmel tells a suspenseful story of the Champagne region in WWII in 'The Winemaker's Wife'<

^BOOK-WINEMAKERSWIFE-REVIEW:PT—<I have to admit that when I think of Champagne, I don't usually think of World War II.

But Kristin Harmel's engrossing new historical novel, "The Winemaker's Wife," focuses on that war's impact on the region of France famed for its sublime sparkling wine.

800 by Colette Bancroft. MOVED


^'Inland' review: Ponderous tales of the Southwest<

^BOOK-INLAND-REVIEW:ND—<T a Obreht's "Inland" follows "The Tiger's Wife," her mesmerizing 2011 debut in which the author wedded a contemporary story and the cruel realities of the Balkans to legend and the paranormal. Grounded in the ages and folklore, it was a magnificent accomplishment, winner of Britain's Orange Prize and a finalist for the National Book Award. "Inland" is set in the 19th century American Southwest, and though it also possesses a permeable membrane between the living and dead, the rational and fantastic, it is less enriched by cultural history.

750 by Katherine A. Powers. MOVED


^Review: 'At Briarwood School for Girls,' by Michael Knight<

^BOOK-BRIARWOOD-SCHOOL-GIRLS-REVIEW:MS—<With evocative language and a true sense of place, Southerner Michael Knight combines a coming-of-age tale, a ghost story and a meditation on history in his engrossing latest novel, "At Briarwood School for Girls."

It's 1994, and Virginia boarding school student Lenore Littlefield is keeping a huge secret from even her closest friends: She's pregnant. She also seems to be getting messages from beyond the grave from Elizabeth Archer, a student who hanged herself after her fianc was killed during World War I.

250 by Marci Schmitt. MOVED



^The rowdy, randy days of New York past<

^BOOK-EVERYBODYS-DOIN-IT-REVIEW:NY—<Sex, booze and Irish jigs. That may not have the punch of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, but the urges were the same.

It didn't matter what parents, politicians or police said. This generation wanted pleasure, and it wanted it now. Except now was the 19th century.

Dale Cockrell's "Everybody's Doin' It" tells the tale of "Sex, Music, and Dance in New York, 1840-1917." It's a history as contemporary as last night's warehouse party.

1200 by Jacqueline Cutler. MOVED


^Review: 'Maybe You Should Talk to Someone,' by Lori Gottlieb<

^BOOK-MAYBE-TALK-SOMEONE-REVIEW:MS—<Few mysteries are more intoxicating than what goes on behind the door of a therapist's office: Don't we desperately want to know the raw, unedited version of other peoples' lives unburnished by Facebook?

"Maybe You Should Talk to Someone" offers a rare, funny and deeply compelling dive into the human condition confirming that, yes, being alive is hard as hell sometimes.

400 by Gail Rosenblum. MOVED



^Six paperbacks to pick up, from a David Lynch biography to expertly rendered crime fiction<

^BOOK-PAPERBACK-ROUNDUP:SE—<How's your summer reading coming along? Should you need something lightweight to haul to the beach, or the hammock, here are a half-dozen recommended paperbacks, ranging from expertly rendered crime fiction to academic satire to the conclusion of a sweeping four-novel series.

650 by Moira Macdonald. MOVED




^BOOK-BEST:MCT—<Best-selling books from Publishers Weekly. (Moving Thursday afternoon)


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