Paint party

Junior Galindo prepares paint as Marcos Ponce, 10, makes his handprint on the wall Friday, Nov. 23 at Taco Truck Cantina paint party on Main Street in Porterville.

The future of the building that once held La Fuente mexican restaurant is underway, and is looking colorful. 

A small part of the vision for the future of Taco Truck Cantina came to life Friday night when the trio of new owners celebrated the building’s new beginning.

Partners Reynaldo Herrera, Rich McMullen and Sergio Tapia welcomed friends and family from the community to help them redecorate the inside of the establishment by throwing different colored paints at the walls. 

Splashes of orange, red, yellow, teal, brown and lime green flew threw the air, landing on slate grey walls. Small styrofoam cups were dipped into paint cans before being hurled at the walls to create random patterns. Children dipped their hands in paint and ran to the walls with their hands stretched in front of them, leaving perfect handprints on blank pieces of grey. 

Jose Galindo and Armando Sanchez, two of the night’s busiest painters, picked up cans of paint, carrying them along the length of the walls while submerging their fingers into the festive colors and flinging paint that splattered with small thuds.

The night’s busiest painter, Abraham Sanchez, sat off to the side embellishing wooden chairs with purposeful strokes of his paintbrushes. A nearly complete chair sat in front of Sanchez adorned in an earthy yellow tone and a large vibrant flower that popped off its yellow background. Sanchez said that he will be handpainting between 30 and 50 chairs for the future establishment.

Music echoed off the walls as guests made plates of food and took part in some tequila tasting. Three pristine bottles of tequila stood at the end of the bar, and small shots were poured for those who decided to take part. Other drinks were made available for those who were not a fan of the tequila. 

Photographers and videographers roamed the building, capturing the night’s events through still frames and live action shots. 

“We want to create something that Porterville has never seen before,” Herrera said.

Herrera continued on to explain about the vision for the future establishment.

“We’ve taken ideas from some of the restaurants we’ve seen throughout the world and put them together,” Herrera said. “We don’t want this to be seen as a restaurant. We want this to be seen as a social space where you can get food and where you can grab a drink. It’s more of a cantina then it really is a restaurant.”

Herrera revealed that taco truck food will be served in the afternoons and evenings, and there are hopes for a coffee shop in the mornings. One of the target customer groups is Porterville College students. 

“We want this to be somewhere where you can plan parties and birthday parties, kind of like a regular restaurant, but with an artsy feel to it,” Herrera said. 

The trio of partners chose Porterville for the abundance of opportunity it provides, especially their location on Main Street.

“Porterville is a part of my heart,” Herrera said. “That’s the best way to put it. There has always been something about Porterville that just brings me back.”

The future cantina-style establishment will open its doors for business this coming March. Until then Herrera, McMullen and Tapia will be busy working to bring their full vision to life.

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